HEADSTART counts on you!

Τhe HEADSTART Week was successfully completed, illustrating the project’s results, sharing the HEADSTART concept and ideas and gaining feedback from external experts on specific topics of interest. More specifically, the HEADSTART project organized a week full of webinars, starting from Monday, 11/05 up to Friday, 15/05. Each day, one new interactive session was held, engaging participants with questions and discussions. All participants had the opportunity to find out what HEADSTART is and to discuss and exchange knowledge on topics such as the HEADSTART methodology.

In particular, was explicitly discussed how HEADSTART harmonizes different European initiatives and also how it includes Automated Driving key enabling technologies. In addition, two of the selected use cases were presented, the Truck platooning and the Traffic Jam Chauffeur. Among the most practical topics discussed was how the validation methodology will be applied in HEADSTART, how to validate the AD driving function, and how the KETs will be handled. Furthermore, cybersecurity was presented as a transversal topic with a great impact on CAD functions validation. The HEADSTART Week attracted many participants interested in the CAD sector, experts, externals that expressed their interest on HEADSTART satisfying the partners’ efforts.

 The attendees actively participated in the sessions, submitting their questions and suggestions for key HEADSTART topics. If you wish to find out more on the webinars or draw upon useful information, please click on the webinars below, listen the recordings and download the full presentations as well.

The Webinars

If you missed the webinars, or wish to find out more, please click on each webinar below and find out the presentations and recordings as well.

ERTICO Academy Webinar

HEADSTART participated in ERTICO Academy Webinar on 8th May 2020. The discussion was held among international experts and was focused on CAD validation methodologies. To find out more, please download here the presentation or listen to the webinar’s recordings here.

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