Below are links to download public deliverables (PU) when approved by EC as well as an executive summary of the restricted (RE) ones that have been completed to date.

Number Title Dissemination Level Delivery Date Download
D1.1 State of innovation of existing initiatives and gap analysis PU M6
D1.2 Stakeholders and user group needs PU M6
D1.3 Technical and Functional requirements for KETs PU M9
D1.4 Functional requirements of selected use cases PU M9
D2.1 Common methodology for test, validation and certification PU M12
D2.2 Criteria to choose optimal scenarios and tests for each KET PU M13
D2.3 Assessment method for each of the use cases defined PU M19
D3.1 Guideline of a Comprehensive validation and certification procedure to ensure safe CAD systems PU M18
D3.2 Toolchain for mixed validation – integration of simulation and physical testing PU M24
D3.3 Assessment criteria of CAD functionalities for consumer testing and type approval PU M27
D3.4 Harmonisation proposals of test results PU M27
D3.5 Specification of test procedure for testing of 4 UC PU M30
D4.1 Demonstrated methods and procedures for the selected UC PU M34
D4.2 Test data PU M36
D4.3 Video with the results of the impact assessment of HEADSTART and an overview of the
PU M36
D5.1 HEADSTART networking report PU M36
D6.1 Website PU M3
D6.2 Dissemination and Communication strategy PU M6
D6.3 Dissemination and Communication strategy: review PU M19
D6.4 Dissemination and Communication strategy: beyond HEADSTART PU M36
D6.5 Dissemination material: First year PU M12
D6.6 Dissemination material: Second year PU M24
D6.7 Dissemination material: Third year PU M36
D6.8 Report on efforts towards standardisation PU M36
D7.1 Project management, quality and risk procedures CO M2
D7.2 Innovation management plan CO M3
D7.3 Data Management Plan PU M6
D8.1 H – Requirement No. 1 CO M6
D8.2 POPD – Requirement No. 2 CO M6