The free webinars will take place from Monday, 11/05 to Friday, 15/05.

HEADSTART counts on you!

HEADSTART project is organizing a week full of webinars, starting from Monday, 11/05 up to Friday, 15/05. These webinars will be interactive sessions engaging participants with questions and discussions. In particular, all participants will have the opportunity to discuss and find out more about:

  • HEADSTART methodology, which has harmonized different European initiatives and included Automated Driving key enabling technologies;
  • HEADSTART selected use cases (Truck platooning and Traffic Jam Chauffeur);
  • How the validation methodology will be applied;
  • How to validate the AD driving function;
  • How the KETs will be handled;
  • Cybersecurity as a transversal topic which has a great impact in CAD functions validation

The Webinars

Webinars are free and independent. This means that the participants are able to attend the webinars they prefer. As HEADSTART, our recommendation is to attend all webinars, so as to have a full overview of the project. To register and find out more information about each webinar, please click on the images below.