The OMEGA-Format is a HDF5 based data format for storing reference and perception data from pilotings, test drives and simulation in urban settings. This module is developed by ika – RWTH Aachen as a contribution to the VVM project which aims to develop test procedures and to provide frameworks and methods for the safety verification of automated vehicles. The OMEGA – Format aims at unifying the data basis for scenario derivation by coving all layers of the 6-Layer-Model. In contrast to other established formats, it combines information on the static environment, dynamic objects on an object list level, weather and, in the future, digital information into a single file. The combined insights of PEGASUS and L3Pilot build a strong basis for the development of this file format in VVMethods. To ease the adaption and further development of the OMEGA-Format, the specification together with libraries for writing and reading such files are made open source under the MIT license and can be found under: