Various glossaries are available worldwide in the automated driving sector. Many acronyms, keywords and phrases are used across different fields with different uses and meanings. The HEADSTART terminology was first approached in the beginning of the project. Since then, big effort has been made while most of the initially identified terms undergone a consultation process among partners to extract the most relevant ones to the scope of the project.

Iterative joint consultations took place among partners to unanimously reach a decision per chosen terms. Each term either belonged to the initial pool of terms, preliminary identified as candidate, or was afterwards included to keep the work of the project’s activities updated. The main source was several standards (ISO family, SAE family, BSI/PAS family, etc.) and relevant CAD-based EU and international projects. During the process the HEADSTART partners tracked down the produced list of terms and filtered the most relevant ones. The same procedure was followed with current standards under investigation within HEADSTART. After a long-time interaction, the partners concluded on the most appropriate definition for each term, which in a few cases was custom created.

The main scope of this process was to provide a common understanding to all audiences and also a common start line for HEADSTART. It is worthy to be mentioned that the partners faced difficulties in reaching consensus in specific terms definition. The cause is that there were terms widely used in several projects, both European and National, with apparent different meanings. This example highlights the need to harmonize the established glossaries and produce a HEADSTART glossary in particular, to lay down its terminology and its specific meaning for the project.

The HEADSTART glossary on the project’s halfway includes 48 key terms. It is an ongoing endeavor, so constant updates will take place throughout the project’s lifetime, enriching the glossary with new qualified terms if and when needed. Please find the glossary on our website here.