The 1st HEADSTART webinar entitled as “State of innovation, stakeholder needs & requirements identification for Key Enabling Technologies and use case selection” was carried out on Wednesday, 11 March 2020.

During the webinar, which lasted for one hour and a half, the 35 attendees had the opportunity to find out more about the first steps taken by the project towards a harmonized European solution for testing, validating and certifying connected and automated vehicles.

The discussion was focused on the HEADSTART Use Cases and Requirements. More specifically, were presented the technical analysis and the gap analysis on testing and validation methodologies that were held in the beginning of the project. The analysis was based on ongoing initiatives worldwide and future pilot tests across Europe. Afterwards, the existing state of the art on validation and testing methodology for CAD was presented. According to this analysis and after identifying and taking into consideration the stakeholders’ needs and the functional and technical requirements for Key Enabling Technologies, such as cyber-security, positioning and connectivity, the most relevant use cases were selected. Last but not least, the webinar concluded on the next steps to be followed within the project and encouraged the participants to download the four relevant deliverables (D1.1, D1.2, D1.3, D1.4), available in the official HEADSTART website here, and provide their comments to the consortium in the email .

The webinar ended with a Q&A session, where the participants had the opportunity to express their questions about HEADSTART. The presenter received about 70 questions and comments and in general it is thought as a successful webinar encouraging HEADSTART partners to go on with more. The full presentation is online and available to download here. You are also able to watch the recorded webinar in our YouTube channel here.

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