A workshop on requirements for Key Enabling Technologies testing and validation took place on September 13, in ERTICO premises, in the context of HEADSTART project. The workshop was organized from ERTICO, one of the HEADSTART partners, responsible for the expert network as well as for the international cooperation.

The workshop, which lasted from 9:45 a.m. to 15:30 p.m., aimed to involve the testing and validation expert community to consult and identify the stakeholders’ real needs in order to develop the HEADSTART methodologies, tools and procedures. Within the interactive discussion, the participants taking the opportunity from the polls that were distributed among experts, talked about the results and the testing methodology to be followed within the project. The sharing of knowledge, data and experiences is essential for HEADSTART and for the development of connected and automated driving in general. The workshop provided a very fruitful opportunity to further understand the project’s proposed approaches as well as to provide guidance for the next steps and to get the Experts Network actively involved for input and consultation on the project progress.

All presentations that took place within the workshop are available here .

You may also see the photos from the KETs Workshop in the photo gallery here.