Head Office
Bourgetlaan 60
1140 Brussels, Belgium


Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA (TME) oversees the wholesale sales and marketing of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, parts and accessories, and Toyota’s European manufacturing and engineering operations. Toyota directly employs around 20,000 people in Europe and has invested over EUR 9 billion since 1990. Toyota’s operations in Europe are supported by a network of 29 National Marketing and Sales Companies across 53 countries, a total of around 3,000 sales outlets, and nine manufacturing plants. Toyota has built over 10 million vehicles in Europe.

TME’s Research & Development (R&D) Group has been regularly involved in European Commission research and particularly in projects like FP7 ASSESS and ASPECSS and H2020 PROSPECT in the vehicle safety area, which were developing test and assessment protocols for selected integrated safety systems with pre-crash sensing, focusing on AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) car-to car technology for the first, and AEB car-to-pedestrian for the second and third. TME’s contribution to these projects were led by the safety team of the Technical Affairs and Planning Department which is in charge of EU and collaborative research and technical communication with 3rd parties on vehicle safety matters.

Main role in the project

TME is contributing to the expert network and international cooperation as industry representative.