Applus+ IDIADA
P.I Albornar S/N
Santa Oliva, Cataluna, Spain

About Applus+ IDIADA

With over 25 years of history, Applus IDIADA is an engineering partner to the automotive industry providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services.

Applus+ IDIADA is a global partner to the automotive industry and provides complete solutions for automotive development projects worldwide. IDIADA’s technical center is located 70 km south of Barcelona (Spain), with a total work force of more than 2,500 employees worldwide in 25 countries. Main fields of engineering activity are body design, passive safety, chassis design, active safety, powertrain, electronics, NVH, comfort and reliability.

IDIADA has a long experience as an Official Technical Service for European Homologation and in non-European countries and it is able of carrying out tests according to standards valid for self-certification (USA, Canada, and Australia). As technical advisors of the Spanish Approval Authority, Applus+ IDIADA is member of the WP29 Working Groups in Geneva (United Nations) and EU where vehicle regulations are created and developed (or interpreted). IDIADA has experience in defining systematic methodology that unifies the criteria for evaluating and validating active safety systems. This means designing and performing evaluation tests under controlled conditions. The execution of these methodologies together with IDIADA’s proving ground, give true potential to the development the testing and improvement of their clients systems and prototypes. IDIADA also develops a major role under the frame of Euro NCAP, representing the Catalan Government in the Board of Directors and being the only laboratory fully accredited for executing all tests under the safety programme.

Furthermore, the company, in its capacity as technical consultant for the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology (MCYT), holds the representation of the Spanish Government in several bodies dealing with automotive research and regulation, such as EEVC (European Enhanced Vehicle-safety Committee) and UN ECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) Working Groups. In the same way, IDIADA is member of several working groups where safety standards are developed (GRSP, ISO), thus permitting the acquisition of a complete view in the field of safety.

IDIADA is also member of different initiatives and task forces highly related to CAD R&D, and deployment at European level as ERTICO, EARPA, the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium or the EU/US/Japan Trilateral group (leading the roadworthiness testing subgroup).

Main role in the project

Applus IDIADA is the coordinator of HEADSTART in charge of its correct execution and the dialogue with the EC and responsible of the Ethics requirements.

In addition, IDIADA is contributing to the:

  • Requirement definition for testing of Automated Driving function taking into account V2X communication, type approval and consumer testing needs
  • Definition of methodologies and procedures for testing CAD taking into account proving ground, V2X technical capabilities and consumer testing and technical center needs
  • Definition of test tools (both target and proving ground capabilities) required for consumer and type approval testing in test tracks. Definition of scenario selection criteria, test matrix definition and evaluation criteria for test track testing of CAD
  • Test track testing execution, assessment and delivery of results
  • Consumer Testing and Type approval discussion groups
  • Coordination of international cooperation activities of the project
  • Support on the dissemination of the project results to external stakeholders